New opportunities: Postdoc, PhDs, Tech officer, RA

We currently have a number of opportunities available as part of a large collaborative CRC-P funded project (Seaweed solutions for sustainable aquaculture) with our DeakinSeaweed team at Deakin University, Tassal, Spring Bay Seafoods and the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (University of Tasmania) that will develop a sustainable Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) model that supports commercial seaweed production.

To do this, the research will

  • Define the seaweed culture proposition (identify species, growing techniques, and products) and
  • Develop a regionally relevant IMTA partnership model that brings together salmon, shellfish and seaweed producers to ensure economic, environmental and societal benefits.

Three industry-based problems will be tackled in the broader CRC-P via collaborative work packages.

  1. Unlocking Seaweed Potential: will identify seaweeds suitable for IMTA with appropriate seasonal growth strategies, controllable life-history characteristics and capacity to remove nutrients;
  2. Developing Farming Technology: will establish practical techniques for growing these seaweeds in a scalable IMTA context, and
  3. IMTA Sustainable Partnership Model:  will define the models that support IMTA culture as a partnership between finfish, shellfish and seaweed growers.

There are positions available for a Postdoc, PhDs, Technical Officer and Research Assistant that will all contribute to this research project

The research team is being led by:

Tassal Spring Bay Seafoods IMAS/UTAS Deakin
Dr Brad Evans Mr Phil Lamb Assoc Prof Catriona MacLeod


Dr Alecia Bellgrove
Dr Craig Sanderson Prof Catriona Hurd


Dr Karen Alexander


Industry Postdoctoral Research Fellow

We are seeking a first class postdoctoral research fellow with a PhD in phycology, marine biology, seaweed aquaculture or aquaculture nutrition and a passion to create a more sustainable future in a changing world to join our team.

The postdoctoral research fellow will be based at Deakin University’s Warrnambool Campus,  joining our DeakinSeaweed team and work alongside industry partners and the research team (including PhD students) to help deliver industry objectives of two key work packages (1 & 2) as well as to drive innovation in product development from the seaweed biomass produced.

A key role of this position will be to optimise the production value of seaweed products cultured in IMTA with salmon and shellfish in Tasmanian coastal waters by characterising the commercially valuable polysaccharides, the nutritional value (total lipids, fatty acids, total protein, amino acids, dietary fibre, dietary minerals) and the palatability of cultured seaweeds, as well as assessing the potential for product contamination.

The post-doc will also have a role in supervising PhD students on this project involved in developing culture techniques for Australian seaweeds.

Applications close 18 August 2019. Click here for more information

4 PhD scholarships

We are also advertising for four fully-funded PhDs aligned with this project that will be based at IMAS in Hobart and supervised by IMAS, Industry and Deakin Staff.

Applications close 11 August 2019.

  1. Seaweed solutions for sustainable aquaculture: optimisation of at-sea culture. Click here for more information
  2. Seaweed solutions for sustainable aquaculture: optimisation of hatchery production.
    Click here for more information
  3. Evaluating the commercial viability of IMTA.
    Click here for more information
  4. Clarifying and Optimising the Environmental Benefits of IMTA.
    Click here for more information

Technical Officer

We are recruiting a Technical Officer to be based at IMAS in Hobart and working closely with industry partners, with the following key accountabilities:

  • Assist in the establishment, maintenance and husbandry of seaweed culture systems
  • Assist in experimentation with selected seaweed species
  • Maintain seaweed cultures as directed
  • Maintain records and enter data in computer spreadsheets
  • Maintain field and laboratory equipment to ensure the efficient and safe conduct of research activities in accordance with University of Tasmania OH&S, diving and other policies and guidelines

Applications close 8 August 2019. Click here for more information

Research Assistant

Based at IMAS in Hobart and working closely with industry partners.

  • Full time, fixed term (3 year) position
  • Undertake laboratory and field experiments on the environmental regulation of seaweed growth

Key Accountabilities:

  • Establish and maintain seaweed cultures, ensuring high quality standards are maintained.
  • Conduct laboratory experiments with selected seaweed species in accordance with requirements.
  • Provide seaweed samples for use in product development as agreed.
  • Maintain records, enter data in computer spreadsheets, analyse data and write manuscripts for publication, and industry reports.
  • Assist in supervision of research students.

Applications close 23 August 2019. Click here for more information


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