Congratulations to Cátia Freitas

Congratulations to our PhD student Cátia Freitas, who won the Deakin University Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition and the People’s Choice award for her fantastic presentation on Using children’s literature to teach marine science concepts. Cátia will now represent Deakin University at the 2021 Asia-Pacific 3MT Semi-Final, hosted by the University of Queensland.

“Every hero has its own a story. My hero lives in the ocean. It has no eyes or mouth, or fins and it cannot swim or bite. So, you might be thinking is it even real? Well, underneath the waves my hero forms underwater forests and sucks carbon dioxide out of the air to fight climate change. My hero is seaweed,” she says. Cátia’s research is exploring how the power of storytelling through children’s literature can assist in teaching children about what goes on under the waves. You can see Cátia’s winning presentation here. She is supervised by Prue Francis, Paul Venzo and Alecia Bellgrove

Cátia also came runner up in the Deakin University Visualise Your Thesis competition, and you can see her presentation for that here.


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